Can’t use Facebook, so I guess I’ll try this…

I’ve created blog accounts before, but it just hasn’t been my thing so far. For now, Facebook is the best place to connect with me. My “friends” there wish I would shut up!

This morning I am killing time in the Louisa-Muscatine school library between presentations to 8th grade history classes. John Robinson and I are telling them about local involvement in the Civil War and the current project to replace the 1875 monument at Muscatine County Courthouse. We’ll be back again tomorrow.

The librarian, bless her heart, led me to this computer and typed in a special code to override its Facebook-blocking software for me, so I was able to get to my “wall”! But then the blocker intervened again as soon as I tried to go to another Facebook page.

Silly me, I use FB as a tool for research and writing, but I guess schools can’t be too careful. Oh, well… The kids here offered to tell me the password (and probably could!), but I resisted temptation and decided to work on my WordPress experiment instead.

At least this school has Macs, unlike Muscatine. I am impressed!

Next I’ll see if they’ll let me work at If not, I’ll be back.